How To Apply
To apply for a position with 2G Construction, download our employment application via the link below. This is a fillable PDF.


You can fill in the download and submit as an attachment via email to 2g@2gconstruction.com


Print an application and fax to 541.689.3915


Print an application and mail to the following address:

2G Construction
Human Resources
P.O. Box 11735
Eugene, OR 97440

Click The Icon To The Right To Download An Application
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Equal Opportunity Employer
2G Construction is committed to nondiscrimination in employment. All persons who apply for a job with this company will be provided an equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.

Safety Policy Statement
It is the intent of all owners and the management of 2G Construction to provide a safe place to work. In order to accomplish this goal, everyone who works must make a commitment to perform their work with their own safety, and the safety of their fellow workers, in mind. It takes a team effort to avoid accidents and injuries on the job.

Our Safety Program Includes:

  • Safety Director

  • Weekly Safety Meetings

  • Frequent Site Inspections

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Safety Training

  • New Hire Orientation

  • Substance Abuse Policy

  • AGC Site Inspections

  • Hearing Conservation

Workplace Environment
2G Construction is a 100% employee-owned business with a strong commitment to employee participation and involvement in the management of our business.


Our crews are composed of experienced, skilled construction professionals whose pride in craftsmanship is enhanced by the pride of ownership.

Dedicated to providing a quality workplace environment which fosters open communication, 2G Construction encourages input and supports innovative suggestions from our crew members. We strive to create a workplace that challenges with opportunity, demands accountability, and rewards performance. This atmosphere generates enthusiasm and energy on the job site and results in enhanced productivity and a strong focus on quality performance.


An essential element in a quality workplace environment is a commitment to safety. 2G recognizes that construction work is inherently filled with potential hazards and that maintaining a safe job site requires a rigorous and unrelenting focus on safety measures. This focus includes providing the proper training and equipment and fostering a “safety first” attitude in all personnel on the job site, including 2G employees, our subcontractors, the design professionals, our client’s representatives, and the general public. One of the basic criteria of a successful project is that it be accident and injury-free.


With thirty employee-owners, 2G is able to bring to each project a strong team with a direct stake in the success of the project. Recognizing that their personal long-term success depends upon successful projects and satisfied owners, our employee-owners (managers, skilled craftsman, and laborers) take great pride in their work and are highly motivated to produce complete customer satisfaction.